Comply With Lockdown

Puerto Rico Urges Tourists on The Island To Comply With Lockdown And Provides Travel Incentive To Encourage Them To Come Back Later

As part of the efforts to maintain visitors informed, the government agency launched an initiative to invite tourists to come back to the Island when the time is right, offering a complimentary experience upon their return.

We want guests visiting Puerto Rico during this time to know that we realize that this global health emergency has put a dent in their travel plans, and that our priority is to keep our residents and visitors healthy and safe. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) calls for responsible travel at this time, and in Puerto Rico we are encouraging responsible travel by inviting visitors to comply with the terms of the lockdown and helping be part of the solution. By staying home or in your hotel room today, we will all be able to travel tomorrow

Carla Campos

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